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In which I answer all your questions: Weekly MastAttack Q&A, Week 1

Hey, MastAttackers,

After a several month hiatus, I am back answering questions in the MastAttack Facebook group. A new thread is posted weekly where people can comment with their questions. Questions are answered on Thursday nights from 7p-9p EST. Once the session is over, the thread is locked but will stay visible so it is available for reference.

The lovely Mikal Mowdy, mother of Yssabelle Eddlemon, who is disease free and living a normal life after a bone marrow transplant, made a PDF with all the questions and answers from last night. You can read it here: Week One PDF

Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. Request to the join the MastAttack FB group and an admin will approve you.

For this coming week only, the Q&A session will be on Wednesday from 7p-9p.

Hope to see you all there!