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Surgery and emergency care

Surgery and emergency care

Surgery and procedures

Emergency care

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  1. I have had my identity stolen by a woman our son met online without meeting her. Not only have my finances been destroyed as well as my credit rating but my medical records have been hacked. Last August I had a CAT Scan taken of my abdomen bc my Pulmonologist’s concerns over mold due to water damage in our home. I was diagnosed with 3rd space ascities. Thankfully I called my primary the next day 4 the results. When I had appt with her? Results were negative! No treatment for possible mold infestation or the Ascities. I was also on Narcotic pain meds for 16 years despite PERFECT tox screens for the ENTIRE TIME, when most recent tox screen appeared that I was abusing a med not rx’d! Taken off ALL pain meds, I have NOW been confined to bed for 7 months. Unable to get help ANYWHERE, I am DESPEATE to find out what I can do w/o a referral. So far, I have found abdominal binding, but STILL have 38 of 50 pounds left to go. CHF is a problem, despite huge amounts of diuretics. Don’t know what else to do. Is there ANY HOPE you can offer me? Please, I NEED to not be living this way any longer! ANYTHING you can offer me would be GREATLY appreciated. Feds and local cops ARE investing. Thanks for listening.

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