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Support Lisa

Hey, all,

I do not believe that people should have to pay for access to information that allows them to understand their health. For this reason, MastAttack blog posts, consults, questions answered via chat or correspondence, and the upcoming Spring 2018 course is free for everyone who would like access to my knowledge.

People often ask if they can pay me for my time or assistance. For the reasons stated above, I have never charged anyone. After a lot of thought, given the amount of time and energy I dedicate to MastAttack, I have decided that if you would like to send me some money, and are in a position to do so, that I will allow that for the first time.

No one needs to pay me. Paying me does not get you any additional attention or favor. I am committed to providing a space where money does not impact the quality of information people receive about their health. However, I have some major direct and indirect health related expenses coming up so if anyone would like to express their gratitude by sending me some money, that would be lovely. If not, that is perfectly fine, too. Really.

I just set up a YouCaring account here and a Venmo account under Lisa Klimas. Money can be sent that way. Please note that MastAttack is NOT a non profit and that any money you send is a gift, not a donation. Thanks!