Motion carries

For questions that have generic answers, I will remove identifying information and then answer them in a post.  For questions that involve consideration of significant history, I will respond privately in email as soon as I am able.  These posts will be marked “Q&A” and will be indexed in a dropdown menu.

I am taking a break this week from MastAttack (site, FB and email) to relax and get some rest.  I have set up auto posts for this week, including a series on Kounis Syndrome that discusses pathology, diagnosis and treatment.

Hope everyone has a great week!



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  1. Kay Boling May 9, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    Rest and feel better! You mean the world to people like me, trying to understand our illness. Since I seem to be the only person in my area, willing (or able?) to inform my doctors, and to advocate for better understanding, you’re my guru!

    I always want to comment after each post, writing how much I appreciate the info and your tireless diligence. But I don’t because I am too fatigued or lazy? or a combination?

    So before another day passes, I want to THANK YOU with as much energy and enthusiasm as I can muster!

    I would not have even tried to keep fighting after this Dx, if not for you. That is the honest truth. The ripples of your kindness in educating us, touched me deeply, and made me feel that I had the tools to fight!

    I already have Chiari and Mitochondrial Disease, along with most of their assorted tag–along “gifts” (syndromes and such.) I am exhausted from fighting for good medical care and educating others about my “rare” and “invisible” yet devastating health problems.

    I have fought this battle for a well-documented 21 years, although in truth, I had weird health problems before the official branding.

    So, thank you, sweet Lisa, for your efforts and your continuing hopeful, helpful, educational posts. I imagine there are dozens of people like me, who have benefitted from your writing and your contagious, courageous attitude, but have been remiss in thanking you, as well.

    I’m sorry for our collective bad manners, but wish to thank you again, for carrying the torch. You light a path, through a frightening darkness. Many, many, people are seeing your light and finding safety and comradery in following your bright beacon.

    I wish you only the best, and will try to be better about giving you the positive feedback you so richly deserve.

    This last Dx was “the straw” that finally broke me. I was ready to give-up and die. You literally have saved me and kept me treading water for almost a year, now. THANK YOU, Lisa.

    Rest well, Fearless Leader! Please know that you are so important to so many.

    Sending you gentle hugs, and my profound gratitude.

    ~Kay Boling

    P.S. Please copy this and keep it handy for the bad days. That is the only way I know of, to be able to give you something back.
    In fact: Copy and use for anything, including a post on a day that you need some love. I guarantee you will be amazed to find how far and wide your kindness ripples have traveled.

  2. drmom5 May 9, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    I wondered how movement could cause tooth decay!

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