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I kind of can’t believe I have to write this post

Hi, everyone –

I found myself in a really strange situation this week and feel like I need to say something.

I write this blog both as therapy for myself and in an effort to help patients with mast cell disease and other conditions.  The details that I omit are sometimes left out for privacy and are sometimes left out for safety.

Some of the drugs mast cell patients take to manage their disease can be abused, including IV Benadryl.  While I realize that the majority of people who read this blog and take IV Benadryl use this medication responsibility according to their doctor’s instructions, the fact is that this is the internet and I don’t really “know” most of my readers.

I do not and will not discuss things like exactly how I get various medications that can be abused because that could endanger me.  If I tell you that a line of questioning makes me uncomfortable and you continue to press me, I will never interact with you again.  Period.

I have made a choice to share my life but that choice does not extend to minutiae regarding my treatments that could affect my personal safety.