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PICC Lines: Nomenclature, fluid infusions and IV Benadryl

My PICC line set up and what the various pieces do:

How to hook up a fluid infusion: 
How to dilute and administer IV Benadryl. 
IV Benadryl should always be diluted as it can be damaging to the veins and can cause spasms of the airway if pushed too quickly.  It should always be pushed slowly. I generally dilute 1ml (50mg) of Benadryl with 9ml of saline for a total volume of 10ml, which I then push over about 15 minutes.  The flush after the Benadryl should also be slow.  I push that over about 5ml. 
I made a video of me drawing blood for labs through the line and then deleted it by accident because I am a fool.  Bah!  So I’ll make another one next week, as I don’t have any spare tubes and Vacutainers.  I am putting together a video on dressing changes as well.