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I didn’t sleep well last night, and when I opened my door to go to work, it was really hot out.  Over 90 degrees, sunny, stiflingly humid.  The very short walk from the car to my office left me flushed and sweaty.  I was feeling usual level nauseous and my skin was burny.  My PICC line insertion site is sore.  It was shaping up to be a rough day in the neighborhood. 

I had a meeting this morning and then another one late in the afternoon.  I needed to take Benadryl before the first one was over.  But I was tired of being that sick girl who had to reschedule a meeting again, so I sucked it up and stuck it out.  It wasn’t super comfortable, but some days my stubborn streak is just wide enough to make it work.

I worked in the office from 9-345.  I got a lot of things done.  When it was time to leave, the sky glowered down at me, heavy and ready to thunderstorm.  I walked to the train and by the time I got to my final stop, there was a downpour of biblical proportions happening.  I was wearing a sleeveless dress and somehow had to keep my PICC line dry.

I walked around the train station while I formulated a plan.  I eventually shortened the strap on my brief case all the way and then closed my arm into the briefcase.  I ran through puddles in high heels like a boss and I’m sure I looked ridiculous but my PICC line stayed dry. 

The dogs played for a while in the yard after I got home and for no particular reason, I felt victorious.  I worked almost an entire work day in the office.  I got myself home without paying for a cab in ridiculous heat.  Physically, the heat was killing me, but I made it home in one piece and in no apparent danger. 

On days like today, I think maybe there’s no limit to what I can do.  I think maybe even though it felt like it, there were never any limits at all.