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Locking down the blog

Hey, everyone,

Tomorrow, I am setting a bunch of technical posts to private for a few days to reorganize some things and take a break for a few days. I suggest that you print or screencap any posts that you need in the next few days tonight. All of the information that has been here will be here again within the week. Some of it may be consolidated with other posts.

I have made the decision to remove last night’s post and to replace it completely with a different post. I anticipate this new post will be up next week. All language on that topic has to be carefully reviewed because of my job and this takes extra time.

I am having a deeply trying time right now. My health has not been good and I am struggling with some very difficult and upsetting news in my personal life. I would appreciate any good energy, prayers or love you can send my way. Thanks for your support.