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PICC Lines: Dressing change and blood draw

PICC Line Sterile Dressing Change Procedure:

1.       Place arm on drape provided in dressing change kit.
2.       Open StatLock and Biopatch packages into the dressing change kit box.
3.       With gloves on, remove the occlusive dressing by pulling up the edges and then pulling the dressing toward the midline.
4.       With gloves on, pull up edges of StatLock.  Unclip the locks on the StatLock.  With one hand, lift the PICC line up, while pulling the StatLock off the skin with the other hand.
5.       With gloves on, remove Biopatch from around the PICC line at the insertion point.
6.       With gloves on, use alcohol (if appropriate) to clean any remaining adhesive from the area.
7.       Put on sterile gloves provided with dressing change kit.
8.       Disinfect the area around the PICC line (either with chlorhexidine or betadine.)  Allow to dry.  Do not touch the area while drying.
9.       Connect wings of PICC line to StatLock and apply StatLock to the skin.  Apply Skinprep to the the skin prior to pressing the StatLock to the skin (if appropriate.)
10.   Apply Biopatch to the PICC line near the insertion site.
11.   Apply occlusive dressing.  (I use IV3000.)
12.   Use adhesive strips from the StatLock package to secure the PICC line where it exits from the occlusive dressing.
PICC Line Blood Draw Procedure:
1.       Flush line with 10ml sterile saline.
2.       With the same syringe still attached, gently draw back to pull 5ml of blood into the syringe.
3.       Disconnect syringe containing blood.
5.       Insert appropriate tube into needle holder and collect appropriate amount of blood.
6.       Remove tube.
7.       Disconnect needleholder/Vacutainer.
8.       Flush line with 10ml sterile saline.
9.       Flush line with 10ml sterile saline again.
10.   Lock line with 5ml heparin.